Shi ri fang gu

Sojourn to Shangri-La
An elaborate fashion shoot is planned on the beach, but the backdrop built in advance has been swallowed by the sea overnight. The young assistant is the only one who tries to save the situation. She sends out a camera drone to search for the backdrop and the film slowly slips into the magical.
by Lin Yihan
with Fu Yunfei, Jonathan Mulcahy, Kang Jun, Wang Zi, Li Lu
People’s Republic of China 2023 Mandarin, English 20' International premiere


  • Fu Yunfei (Cal)
  • Jonathan Mulcahy (Executive Producer)
  • Kang Jun (Art Director)
  • Wang Zi (Director of Photography)
  • Li Lu (Drone Operator)
  • Yu Qiugui (Villager)
  • Tan Shixian (Model)


DirectorLin Yihan
ScreenplayLin Yihan
CinematographyWu Yikai Luc
EditingLin Yihan
Sound DesignShen Siyang Sophia
SoundLi Guozhen
Production DesignMei Xinyi
Make-UpNei Nei
ProducerGuo Qiancheng Robert

Produced by

Parallax Films

Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Lin Yihan

The filmmaker and artist is based in Shanghai and has a master’s degree in film directing from Columbia College Chicago. She investigates subtle and inexplicable relationships between individuals in contemporary life with a particular focus on insecure, nomadic and transient states. Her artistic work is born of a desire to explore the realm of the agnostic and to construct an ethereal landscape that transcends physical space. She is often searching for things that approach eternity in the moment of the here and now.


2019 Jian Jia (The Reed); short film 2020 An Ke (Anchor); short film 2021 Qiang De Nei Wai (Inside and Outside the Wall); short film · Wu Ren Yu He Ren (Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town); short film 2022 Yong Heng De Jin Shan Si (The Eternal Jinshan Temple); documentary · Zuo Yue Ru Meng Lai (Yesterday I Was the Moon); short film 2023 Shi ri fang gu (Sojourn to Shangri-La); short film

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