Competition Regulations

For all applications the General Guidelines for Film Submission and Participation apply.

1. Eligibility

Eligible for Competition are feature films and documentaries of at least 60 minutes running time, which

  • have not participated at any international film festival. A presentation in the country of origin will be tolerated. A presentation at an online festival is permitted if the streamings were only accessible in the country of origin (geoblocking).
  • have not been released commercially other than in their country of origin.
  • have neither been presented on television nor on the internet/VOD.
  • are available in the formats DCP or QuickTime ProRes. 35mm or other formats only upon request.
  • are intended for theatrical release.

In case of international co-productions the main country of production will be considered as country of origin.

The Artistic Director of the festival reserves the right to rule on any cases not provided for in these guidelines.

2. Selection and Programming

The Artistic Director of the festival invites films to participate in the Competition. He is advised by German and international professionals.

3. Language Version and Subtitles

All films invited to participate in the Competition are screened in their original language with German and English subtitles. The film’s producer is responsible for meeting the costs of subtitling and providing the subtitled version on time.

The version released in the country of origin is regarded as the original version. In the case of films in several languages, the language of the subtitles may only deviate from this directive with the Festival’s approval.

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