Futur Drei

No Hard Feelings
High-cut trousers, skin-tight t-shirt, short, peroxide-blond hair. On his birthday, Parvis celebrates by stealing a bottle from the bar at the club and dancing. The son of Iranian parents, he has established himself in the attic of his parents’ house in a quiet new housing estate in Lower Saxony and is busy trying out everything and anything from sex dates to raves. After getting caught shoplifting, he is sent to do community service in a refugee shelter where he falls in love with Amon, who has fled Iran with his sister Banafshe Arezu. The trio enjoys a summer of fierce partying till dawn, coloured by the realisation that, in their different ways, none of them is at home in Germany.
In his powerful, semi-biographical debut peppered with pop-cultural references, Faraz Shariat unfolds a tale of intense first love. With a precise grasp of social context, he offers a sensitive insight into the experience of migrants in Germany caught between feeling foreign, being excluded and obtaining the permanent right to stay, and shows how even subsequent generations are still in the process of arriving.
by Faraz Shariat
with Benjamin Radjaipour, Banafshe Hourmazdi, Eidin Jalali
Germany 2020 German, Farsi 92’ Colour Rating R16


  • Benjamin Radjaipour (Parvis)
  • Banafshe Hourmazdi (Banafshe Arezu)
  • Eidin Jalali (Amon)


Director Faraz Shariat
Screenplay Faraz Shariat, Paulina Lorenz
Cinematography Simon Vu
Editing Friederike Hohmuth
Music Jakob Hüffell, Säye Skye, Jan Günther
Sound Mixing Janis Grossmann
Sound Jakob Hüffell
Production Design Katja Deutschmann
Costumes Klara Mohammadi
Make-Up Farhud Hamidi
Assistant Director Antonia Pahlke
Casting Raquel Molt
Production Manager Moritz Heuwinkel, Raquel Molt, Leonard Schulz
Producers Paulina Lorenz, Faraz Shariat
Co-Producers Jost Hering, Nils Schwemer, Arash Shariat, Dirk Manthey, Pacco Nitsche
Co-Production Jost Hering Filme Berlin
Iconoclast Germany Berlin
La Mosca Bianca films Hamburg

World sales

Produced by

Jünglinge Film

Faraz Shariat

Born in Cologne, Germany in 1994, he worked first as a director and actor at Schauspiel Köln and on video installations for the Staatstheater Hannover before studying dramatic arts at the University of Hildesheim. His work focuses on post-migrant experiences and stories about immigrant families. His debut feature film, Futur Drei, evolved from his autobiographical documentaries exploring his family history and from his work as a translator for refugees. The film was developed in collaboration with Paulina Lorenz and Raquel Molt in the Jünglinge film collective, where the three have been working together ever since they met at university.


2013 GemEinsam Judas; short film · Fühlgefühl; short film 2015 Ich bin euer Sohn; short documentary · The Dichotomous Trilogy; short film 2020 Aïcha; short film · Futur Drei; Panorama

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