The Memory of the Forest (La memoria del monte)

Memory from the world
The exile and the song of remembrance
The chant of what endures
Those who dwelled in the land before us
Dreams, cinema, 3D
A format that allows us to inhabit the eternal
Preserve the forest and the spiritual world of the forest
Remember and dwell on it, at all times and forever
That is the memory from the forest.

Director’s note
The Memory of the Forest is the story of the first ones, the eternal ones and the ones of today. It is the story of exile, the story of our ancestors who had to leave their lands and of those who have to do the same today. It is the story of the future of the peoples, which could be different. It is the place where evil cannot exist. The Memory of the Forest aims to preserve a space of memory and wants, and, even if it is in image form, to preserve a physical and also a spiritual place – one that cannot be overthrown nor abolished. Why not believe?

Director: Paz Encina
Producers: Silencio Cine (Paraguay), Gaman Cine (Argentina), Fortuna Films (Netherlands), Black Forest Films (Germany), MPM Films (France), Eaux Vives Productions (France)
German WCF partner: Black Forest Films
World Sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in November 2018
Funding amount: 40.000 €