Round Trip

Damascus, Syria, present day. A taxi drives into a traffic jam. Walid, at the steering wheel, is a student and a part-time taxi driver. Souhaire, a roguish young woman, sits in the back seat of the cab. She is not a mere customer, she is Walid’s girlfriend. The two lovers drive out of the city in search of an isolated place. As they are not married, they must hide to share their intimate moments. Walid parks the cab. They start to kiss but a car parks nearby and they must stop. Souhaire is fed up with their furtive meetings. She mentions a friend from high school, Sulmaze, who lives in Teheran. Why not visit her? That way, she and Walid could spend time together far from Damascus. Walid is surprised but accepts. They embark on a train to Iran …

Director’s note
With Round Trip, I hope to tackle universal feelings about love through a particular couple’s story. And I built the particularities of the story in order to expose aspects of the life of the Syrian middle class, a class that must find ways to adapt in front of moral imperatives of the tradition.

World premiere
Dubai International Film Festival 2012, Muhr Arab Feature

Key festivals and awards
Muhr Arab Special Mention Best Actress, Dubai International Film Festival 2012
Feature Film Audience Award, EntreVue Belfort 2013

Syria, 2012
Director: Meyar Al Roumi
Producers: Bizibi (France), Belle Epoque Films (Germany), Collage Film Production (Egypt)
German WCF partner: Belle Epoque Films
World sales: Bizibi (France)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in July 2011
Funding amount: 30.000 €