On a faraway Colombian mountaintop, what at first looks like a hedonistic summer camp, is actually the setting of a mission: child soldiers with war names must ensure that the Doctor, a kidnapped American woman, stays alive. When a battle approaches and a borrowed milk cow is killed by accident, playtime is over.

Director’s note
Within the intimate, self-contained framework of a squad of child soldiers belonging to an illegal army, we intend to build a parallel reality, a fable of sorts, that allows us to get closer to the main victims in armed conflicts around the world: children.
The idea came through Alejandro’s experience with Columbian bureaucracy while requesting permits for the main character of his previous film PORFIRIO. Together with Alexis, they share an interest in “The Lord of The Flies”, and built the idea to portray a subjective teenage experience within a war environment.
The cast will consist of real child soldiers that have deserted Colombia's many illegal armies and are now protected and reintegrated into society through governmental programs. This method involves a long period of pre-production at a mock campsite so they can develop intimate ties with each other and get used to the production team and camera.
We will cast an American actress to portray the Doctor (hostage).

Directors: Alejandro Landes and Alexis Dos Santos
Production: No Franja S.A.S (Colombia)
German WCF partner: Pandora Film
World sales: Le Pacte (France)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in July 2014
Funding amount: 40,000 €