Jambula Tree (Rafiki)

Auma and Ziki live very different lives in the Highrise Estate in Nairobi. Auma works in her father’s shop and awaits the start of nursing school, while Ziki passes the days hanging out with her wealthy friends and making up dance routines. Their paths cross when their fathers run against each other for seats in the County Assembly, and the girls’ unlikely friendship is put to the test as election tactics get nasty.

Director’s Note
Rafiki is a love story about the purity of friendship that chooses character, spirit, tenderness and an extraordinary connection above all else. It forces me to ask what I would choose; love or safety?one of the same sex in East Africa. Choosing to make this film means that I must be ready to defend love, in all its glory and failure, and to protect the unconditional love that exists “just because”, despite age, sex, race, and creed.

Kenya, Sounth Africa
Director: Wanuri Kahiu
Producers: Big World Cinema (South Africa); MPM Film (France); Rinkel Film (The Netherlands); Awali Entertainment Ltd (Kenya); Razor Film Produktion (Germany); Abbout Productions (Lebanon)
German WCF partner: Razor Film Produktion (Germany)
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in July 2015
Funding amount: 38,000 €