I’m Going To Change My Name (Alaverdy)

A neglected teenager struggles with her blossoming sexuality and suicidal thoughts while searching for the father she has never known. Evridika will be 14 soon. Her mother Sona (36) is an attractive director of a 13-man choir performing Armenian sacred music. They live in a small Armenian town next to a railway, but Evridika’s horizon is the fansite of a book, “Coin Locker Babies” by Murakami, where she’s registered as “Anniko” and posts animations and poetry that she dedicates to her future prince. When Pyotr (47), a man from Sona’s past, drives back into her life in a red BMW, passion erupts again, and Evridika feels completely estranged from her mother. She is going to change her name as soon as she turns 14.

Director’s note
This is a film about the feelings of a 14-year old girl. Maybe not a film in traditional terms, but a kind of poem or song, words and images of which her mind is full of. Main heroes of this poem are body and soul, music and chaos, a river and old factories, a girl and mother and also love and desire as 14-year old Evridika understands it.

World premiere
BFI London Film Festival 2012, Experimenta Section

Key festivals and awards
BFI London Film Festival 2012
Best Film, Hayak National Film Awards Armenia 2013
Locarno International Film Festival 2013

Armenia, 2012
Director: Maria Saakyan
Producers: Anniko Films (Armenia), Oscar Film (Denmark), Flying Moon Filmproduktion (Germany)
German WCF partner: Flying Moon Filmproduktion
World sales: Anniko Films (Armenia)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in July 2010
Funding amount: 50.000 €