Feathers of a Father

When a magician’s trick goes wrong at six-year-old Mando’s birthday party, an avalanche of coincidental absurdities befalls the boy’s family. The magician turns Sami, his authoritative Egyptian father, into a chicken and fails to bring him back. The mysterious transformation of the father sets the family off on a tragically absurd adventure of self-discovery as they learn to survive without the patriarch. Rasha, the passive mother, is suddenly responsible for the family. She slowly transforms into a stronger woman and mother.
Ramadan, the teenage son, is forced to take up his father’s job in order to earn some money for the family. Mando struggles without his father but finds solace in his older brother. When the father comes back as an invalid, he is more of a burden. His long-awaited return provides nothing but disappointment. The family learns that life is possible without a dictator as a leader.

Director’s note
Our story is that of an authoritative father who is transformed into a chicken in a very weird set of circumstances, and the devastating effect of this transformation on his family. It is a dark and disturbing story, which is bound to raise many existentialist questions about the world these characters live in, and the similarities of that world to modern Egypt today. The genre is absurd drama.

Director: Omar el Zohairy
Producers: Still Moving (France), Synergy (Egypt), Kepler Film (Netherlands), Heretic (Greece)
European WCF partner: Heretic (Greece)
World sales: tbc

Funded in the WCF jury meeting in July 2018
Funding amount: 40.000 €