Acts of Men (Atos dos Homens)

Atos dos homens should have been a film about the daily lives of massacre survivors in Brazil. Shooting was scheduled to start in April 2005. But reality did not wait. On the last day of March things changed: A terrible massacre took place in Baixada Fluminense, near the city of Rio de Janeiro. Twenty-nine people were killed by a death squad, the largest massacre in the history of Rio de Janeiro. The killers are extermination groups made up of policemen who work in the area, and who are involved in extortions, kidnapping, drug dealing and homicide. This has been going on since the 1950s, but it has never been as extreme as it is today.
The film is organised in four parts: “Daily Life in Baixada Fluminense” shows footage of residents of the town that suggests it was shot before the massacre; in reality, it was shot afterwards. “The Massacre” describes the carnage and the feelings it provoked. “Death Squads” deals with the killing commandos in the area and includes an interview with a professional assassin. “Daily Life 2” shows the people in Baixada Fluminense and their attempts to process what they have experienced.

World premiere
Berlin International Film Festival 2006, Forum

Key festivals and awards
Golden Montgolfier for the Best Documentary (ex aequo), Festival of the 3 Continents, Nantes 2006
“It's all true” - Documentary Film Festival São Paulo / Rio de Janeiro 2006
Festival Internacional de Cine Guadalajara 2006
BAFICI - International Film Festival of Independent Films Buenos Aires 2006
Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay Montevideo 2006
Festival do Cinema Latino Americano São Paulo 2006
Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay 2006

Brazil 2006
Director: Kiko Goifman
Producer: Paleo TV / Plateau Produções (Brazil), Cachoeira Films / Mil Colores Media (Germany)
German WCF partner: Cachoeira / Mil Colores Media
World Sales: Paleo TV (Brazil)

Funded in WCF jury meeting in June 2005
Funding amount: 25,000 €