Kick Off (Kirkuk)

Kirkuk, Iraq after the downfall of the Saddam Hussein Regime: About 300 Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish Refugees have taken possession of a big open air soccer stadium, hoping to return to their destroyed homes as soon as the bombings outside have stopped. They all try to establish a normal life in the stadium, ignoring the conflicts and the warlike situations in the city around them. Asu lives here with his mother and his younger brother, who lost a leg from a landmine. Together with his friend Sako, Asu wants to organise a soccer championship for the Kurdish and Arabic refugee children. By this means, he hopes to cheer up his brother and win the love of a beautiful girl named Hilin.

World premiere
October 10, 2009, Pusan International Film Festival

Theatrical release in Germany
February 10, 2011

Pusan International Film Festival 2009
New Currents Award Fipresci Price, Dubai International Film Festival 2009
Special Mentions Festivals Pusan International Film Festival 2009
Dubai International Film Festival 2009

Rights sold
Switzerland, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Germany

Iraq / Kurdistan 2009
Director: Shawkat Amin Korki
Producers: Shawkat Amin Korki, Narin Film, NHK
German distributor: Mîtosfilm
World sales: Shawkat Amin Korki

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in 2010
Funding amount: 8,000 €