Berlinale: Guidelines, Forms & Deadlines

Guidelines, Deadlines, Submission Forms

Application Deadlines

  • Production funding: July 05, 2019
  • Distribution funding: submission open only for films that will have their theatrical release in German cinemas in 2020

Pendular by Julia Murat

Types of funding and necessary documents

Funding Amounts

  • Maximum funding: 60,000 euro per project.
  • The funding amount cannot exceed 50% of the total production costs.
  • The total production costs of the supported projects should lie between 200,000 euro and 1,400,000 euro.
  • The funding must be spent on the production of the film in the aforementioned regions.

Required documents

1. Completed Online-application form:

After submitting the online application form you will receive information from us regarding the following steps.


a. Financing information:

  • Detailed budget in Euro and in local currency (if available)

b. Contracts and agreements

  • All financing agreements and/or letters of intent from financing partners, which are already confirmed
  • Signed existing co-production / co-operation agreement(s) or deal memos
  • Clearance of all rights: The rights clearance is a document or a contract which transfers the rights from the scriptwriter to the producer and officially entitles the producer to use the script for a film project. It is not necessary to attach it if the writer and the producer are the same person.

c. A visual dossier with mood pictures, casting, locations, etc.

3. In addition to the online submission we need per mail or international courier printed copies of the materials:

  • One copy of the printed web form with original signatures
  • One copy of the complete submission materials as described above in 2 (items a, b, c and d)

German distributors can apply for distribution funding not exceeding 10,000 euros for the distribution of film from the WCF regions in Germany. The subsidy cannot exceed 50% of the total distribution costs.

Required documents for distribution funding

  • Completed application form
  • Synopsis
  • Distribution Company Profile
  • Description of Distribution Strategy
  • Detailed Distribution Budget
  • Financing Plan and Recoupment Schedule
  • Distribution Agreements and/or letters of intent from financing partners
  • Final Cut (in English or French or with English or French subtitles) on DVD


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