Berlinale: Guidelines, Forms & Deadlines

Guidelines, Deadlines, Submission Forms

Application Deadlines

  • Production funding: March 5, 2018 Go to Submission Form
  • Distribution funding: from January 2018
  • Applications for WCF Europe distribution funding support can be submitted continually.

Pendular by Julia Murat

Types of funding and necessary documents

Funding Amounts

  • Maximum funding: 80,000 euro per project.
  • The funding amount cannot exceed 50% of the total production costs.
  • The total production costs of the supported projects should lie between 200,000 euro and 1,400,000 euro.
  • The funding must be spent on the production of the film in the aforementioned regions.

Required documents

1. Completed Online-application form:

After submitting the online application form you will receive information from us regarding the following steps.

2. Send us all the listed documents by E-Mail to :

a. Full script in English or French in case of submitting a long feature film / advanced treatment in case of submitting a documentary film project (PDF format). (If the submitted project is a film in Spanish original version, please send us a copy in Spanish PDF to).

b. Financing information:

  • Detailed budget in Euro and in local currency (if available)
  • Financing plan (please indicate the sources, which parts are confirmed, applied for, separation of the items by country and if/when answers are expected as well as the percentage of the share by country)

c. Contracts and agreements

  • All financing agreements and/or letters of intent from financing partners, which are already confirmed
  • Signed existing co-production / co-operation agreement(s) or deal memos
  • Clearance of all rights: The rights clearance is a document or a contract which transfers the rights from the scriptwriter to the producer and officially entitles the producer to use the script for a film project. It is not necessary to attach it if the writer and the producer are the same person.

d. A visual dossier with mood pictures, casting, locations, etc.

3. In addition to the online submission we need per mail or international courier printed copies of the materials:

  • One copy of the printed web form with original signatures
  • One copy of the complete submission materials as described above in 2 (items a, b, c and d)
  • One copy of the director’s previous film(s) with English or French subtitles on DVD

German distributors can apply for distribution funding not exceeding 10,000 euros for the distribution of film from the WCF regions in Germany. The subsidy cannot exceed 50% of the total distribution costs.

Required documents for distribution funding

  • Completed application form
  • Synopsis
  • Distribution Company Profile
  • Description of Distribution Strategy
  • Detailed Distribution Budget
  • Financing Plan and Recoupment Schedule
  • Distribution Agreements and/or letters of intent from financing partners
  • Final Cut (in English or French or with English or French subtitles) on DVD

WCF eligible regions and countries, PDF (96 KB)

Submission Forms (updated January 2018)

For WCF Europe Submission Forms please see WCF Europe Programme

Detailed guidelines (updated July 2014)

World Cinema Fund Booklet


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