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Dec 19, 2003:
Berlinale Talent Campus Press Release #7

Volkswagen Score Competion for young Sound Designers und Composers at the Berlinale Talent Campus

In the first Volkswagen Score Competition the jury will select the most outstanding contribution to the Berlinale Talent Campus section The Sound and Music. The winner will be announced at the Campus Farewell Party on February 12, 2004. The prize-winner will participate in the four-day symposium “School of Sound” in London, travelling costs and accommodation are included.

“If you want a film to touch the viewers’ emotions, music and sound are often more important than the pictures. With the Volkswagen Score Competition we want to help sound designers and composers to move forward by working with the leading lights in their field”, to quote Dirk Große-Leege, Head of Corporate Communications at Volkswagen AG.

Like their colleagues in the visual field, sound designers and composers also have the chance to apply for practical training during the Campus week: the Volkswagen Score Competition offers a unique practical experience. Their task: to demonstrate creativity and versatility when dealing with three extracts from different film genres.

The Sound and Music is a major theme in Campus 2004 and is held in collaboration with Volkswagen. The 500 Talents, amongst them fifty young sound designers and composers from 23 countries, can attend numerous events centred around the theme The Sound and Music. Many of these are open to the public, including the two highlights of the programme: a discussion with film music composer David Holmes from Belfast (Ocean’s Eleven, Out of Sight) and Zbigniew Preisner from Poland, famous for his cooperation with star director Krzysztof Kieslowski in Three Colours: Blue/White/Red. In addition, Berlinale Talent Campus offers sound designers and composers the chance to discuss the creative and technical aspects of their profession with authors, producers, directors, actors, cinematographers and editors.

Other events in the wide-ranging programme of The Sound and Music: The Story of Sound – presented by Dolby – is the focal point of the opening event The Secrets of Sound on Sunday February 8, 2004. And on the same day, in The Sound Check, Larry Sider from the “School of Sound” examines the way in which film music and sound design are part of the creative process of film making. At the Berlinale Talent Campus, with The Sound and Music, Volkswagen continues its engagement in the field of music. As a member of the Sound Foundation since 1997, the company sponsors young rock and pop artists and bands.

Friday, 19. December 2003