In Praise of Slowness

Set in modern-day Tangier, In Praise of Slowness follows the laborious journey of a man collecting empty bottles, which he later sells to bleach vendors that roam the labyrinthic streets of the old city. In the face of the global economic and technological forces reshaping the city of Tangier, the profession of the bleach vendors seems to be on the verge of disappearing, yet this film portrait of their supply chain – and notably their insistent chanting – conveys acoustic and visual images of endurance. In Praise of Slowness speaks to the accelerated urbanization and industrialization of Tangier, but also attests to how locally situated choreographies of slowness articulate modes of resistance to the speed of capitalism.
by Hicham Gardaf
with Khalid Mousmi, Abdellah Ben Messaoud, Fatima Benabbou
United Kingdom / Italy 2023 English, Arabic 17' Colour European premiere | Documentary form


  • Khalid Mousmi
  • Abdellah Ben Messaoud
  • Fatima Benabbou


DirectorHicham Gardaf
ScreenplayHicham Gardaf
CinematographyHicham Gardaf
EditingHicham Gardaf
Sound DesignHannan Jones
SoundIlyass Sefrioui
ProducerHicham Gardaf

Produced by

Hicham Gardaf

London, United Kingdom

Fondazione MAST

Bologna, Italy

Hicham Gardaf

Hicham Gardaf works across photography, film and installation, using these media as vehicles to engage people in critical conversations with their immediate environment. A large part of Gardaf’s practice looks into transformations of contemporary landscapes in relation to time, space and politics of place. He is drawn to the social spaces we inhabit, such as buildings, streets and cities; and researches practices we apply to these places by reshaping, appropriating and controlling them.


2022 F(I/U)GUE; video installation, 8 min. · The Storyteller; 16 min. 2023 In Praise of Slowness

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2024


Programme 7

In Praise of Slowness | Remote Occlusions | Room 404

Mon Feb 19 19:00

Arsenal 1

Subtitles: English

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Tue Feb 20 12:00

Cinema Betonhalle@Silent Green

Subtitles: English

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Sat Feb 24 19:30

Arsenal 2

Subtitles: English

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