That’s All from Me

So viel von mir
A fictitious video correspondence between two women of different generations. A director is planning a film about her struggles with being a mother and remaining a filmmaker. But she is failing to make any real progress with the project. She turns for help to a writer who has reflected on her motherhood in a novel. The author replies with a simple suggestion: instead of writing about the film that doesn’t seem to be working out, why not just write about her own situation? She could describe what she likes about life with her daughter, what she misses and what mattered in her previous life. The author would also like to know what a video correspondence might look like. The filmmaker now adds images to her words. The letter becomes a film, and this film still has room for a completely different narrative.
by Eva Könnemann
with Charlotte Munck, Eleanor Forbes, Jannis Dimmlich
Germany 2024 English, German 23’ World premiere


  • Charlotte Munck (Isabel Østergaard)
  • Eleanor Forbes (Helen Durning)
  • Jannis Dimmlich (Himself)


Director Eva Könnemann
Screenplay Eva Könnemann
Cinematography Eva Könnemann
Editing Eva Könnemann
Sound Eva Könnemann

Produced by

Eva Könnemann Produktion

Eva Könnemann

Born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1973, she studied at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in the 1990s and received several scholarships including from the Cité des Arts in Paris, the graduate school of the Berlin University of the Arts and working scholarships from the Berlin Senate and the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media. Her short and feature-length films have been exhibited in both cinema and gallery contexts. Her first film to be presented in Berlinale Shorts was World on Board in 2019.


2002 Happy Problem; short film 2003 Light Boy; short film 2006 With You; short film 2008 Die Tragöden aus der Stadt (The Tragedians of the City); short film 2010 Ensemble 2013 Material Beton (Concrete Matters); co-directors: Katja Lell, Babak Behrouz, Nick Koppenhagen, Marco Kunz, Laura Nitsch 2015 Das offenbare Geheimnis (An Apparent Secret); short film 2019 Welt an Bord (World on Board); short film 2024 That’s All from Me; short film

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