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A young woman lives in a psychiatric facility in Mozambique. She misses her son. The personnel there lie to her, claiming that her son is not around when he’s really waiting for her. The woman refuses to believe them and won’t be deterred, escaping the clinic at the next opportunity. Symbolic actions mark her search. João Viana’s cinema is characterised by a very idiosyncratic visual style – unconcerned with a naturalistic representation of reality, he treats the screen as a stage.
The long fiction feature Our Madness by director João Viana is being shown in Berlinale Forum – analogous to 2013, when he presented Tabatô at Berlinale Shorts and A Batalha De Tabatô at Forum.
Maike Mia Höhne

João Viana

France / Portugal / Mozambique / Guinea-Bissau / Qatar 2018


13 min · Black/White & Colour

World premiere


Ernania Rainha (Lucy)
Hanic Corio (Junge)


Written and directed by
João Viana
Director of Photography
Sabine Lancelin
Paulo Carneiro
Sound Design
Mario Dias
João Viana, François D’ Artemare, Sol Carvalho
Papaveronoir, Portugal
Promarte, Mosambique
Telecine Bissau, Guinea Bissau
Doah Film Institute, Katar


João Viana

Born in Huambo, Angola in 1966, he first studied law and then film. He works as a director, screenwriter, producer and sound technician.


2004 A Piscina (The Swimming Pool); 15 min., co-directed by Iana Viana 2009 Alfama; 15 min. 2013 A batalha de Tabatô (The Battle of Tabatô); 80 min., Forum 2013 · Tabatô; 13 min., Berlinale Shorts 2018 Our Madness · Madness; Berlinale Shorts

Produced by

Les Films de l'Après-Midi
Paris, France
+33 620 6199

World sales

Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency
Vila do Conde, Portugal
+35 125 2646683


Berlinale Shorts IV: In the night a whisper is a roar

Des jeunes filles disparaissent; And What Is the Summer Saying; Madness; City of Tales; Coyote

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    Fri Feb 16 16:00
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    Thu Feb 22 17:30
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Of mothers and other lives

While I yet Live; Blau; And What Is the Summer Saying; Madness; Imfura

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    Fri Feb 23 14:30
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