Adieu tortue

Bye Bye Turtle
Inci’s mother died during the night. The five-year-old wanders alone through the vast hilly landscape by the Black Sea. She meets a young woman in a red sweater and is fascinated by her. Zeynep, who grew up here as well, has returned after many years away. Her luggage is heavy and the journey is long. Together, they walk through the sunshine and the clouds, from one father to another, from dawn until darkness.
by Selin Öksüzoğlu
with Nursema Çepni, Meltem Ünel, Neriman Çilingiroğlu, Ibrahim Çolakoğlu, Serhat Şahin, Okan Çolakoğlu, Özkan Boz, Necati Çepni
France / Turkey 2024 Turkish 24’ World premiere


  • Nursema Çepni (Inci)
  • Meltem Ünel (Zeynep)
  • Neriman Çilingiroğlu (Pick-up Lady)
  • Ibrahim Çolakoğlu (Zeynep’s Father)
  • Serhat Şahin (Pick-up Boy)
  • Okan Çolakoğlu (Pick-up Boy)
  • Özkan Boz (Pick-up Boy)
  • Necati Çepni (Inci’s Father)


Director Selin Öksüzoğlu
Screenplay Selin Öksüzoğlu
Cinematography Léo Roussel, Emmanuel Fraisse
Editing Charles Claudon
Sound Design Özkan Boz
Sound Editing Arthur Moget
Sound Mixing Paul Jousselin
Producers Jeanne Ezvan, Marthe Lamy
Co-Producer Seda Turan
Co-Production Préludes Paris
Sis Films Istanbul

Selin Öksüzoğlu

The director was born and grew up in Turkey. In 2010, she relocated to France and studied psychology. She now works as a psychologist with people in exile and young people in foster care. In parallel to this work, in 2019 she participated in the La Ruche Gindou Cinéma writing residency during which she developed the screenplay for her debut short film, Adieu tortue.


2024 Adieu tortue (Bye Bye Turtle); short film

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