That Day, on the River

In Lei Lei’s That Day, on the River, newspaper clippings, historical photographs and a film about a female basketball player serve as the source material for an exploration of his father’s childhood in provincial China.
“‘In fact, I’ve been doing well in school since I was a child,’ my father smiled. In 2016, my father and I travelled to Ningdu by bus to do preliminary research for my animated feature film Silver Bird and Rainbow Fish. We did the field recording and looked for the house where he lived as a boy and the bridge he walked on to the school. During the trip, we talked about his childhood memories and things he wasn’t good at.” Lei Lei
by Lei Lei
with Lei Jiaqi, Lei Lei, Lu Yue
People’s Republic of China 2023 Mandarin 39’ Colour World premiere


  • Lei Jiaqi
  • Lei Lei
  • Lu Yue


Director Lei Lei
Screenplay Lei Lei
Editing Lei Lei
Music Lei Lei
Sound Lei Lei, Li Xingyu
Sound Editing Mark Lee
Producer Lei Lei

Produced by

See-Ray Studio

Lei Lei

Born in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China in 1985, studied Animation in Beijing. Since 2017, he has worked in the Experimental Animation Faculty of the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). Breathless Animals is his first feature-length film.


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