Brokeback Mountain

Wyoming, 1963. Ranch hand Ennis del Mar and rodeo rider Jack Twist are hired to spend the summer on Brokeback Mountain protecting a herd of sheep from poachers and predators. In the harsh, rugged seclusion of the mountains, something beyond mere camaraderie develops between them and they fall in love. But faced with the narrow-minded morality that prevails in the conservative US states, Ennis and Jack have no choice but to go their separate ways. At the end of the summer, they must come back down from Brokeback Mountain and say their goodbyes. Ennis remains in Wyoming and marries Alma, with whom he has two daughters. In Texas, Jack attracts the attention of rodeo queen Lureen Newsome. The two get married and he starts working in her father’s business. In spite of all this, Jack and Ennis are unable to forget each other. For many years they can only give free rein to their feelings in secret, far away in the mountains - until Jack makes one last desperate attempt to fight for their future together.
by Ang Lee
with Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, Randy Quaid, Kate Mara, Linda Cardellini, Graham Beckel, Mary Liboiron, Anna Faris
USA 2005 English 134’ Colour Rating R12


  • Heath Ledger (Ennis Del Mar)
  • Jake Gyllenhaal (Jack Twist)
  • Michelle Williams (Alma )
  • Anne Hathaway (Lureen Newsome)
  • Randy Quaid (Joe Aguirre)
  • Kate Mara (Alma jr. 19 years)
  • Linda Cardellini (Cassie)
  • Graham Beckel (L.D. Newsome)
  • Mary Liboiron (Fayette Newsome)
  • Anna Faris (Lashawn Malone)


Director Ang Lee
Screenplay Larry McMurtry, Diana Ossana
Cinematography Rodrigo Prieto
Editing Geraldine Peroni, Dylan Tichenor
Music Gustavo Santaolalla
Sound Drew Kunin
Costumes Marit Allen
Make-Up Manlio Rocchetti
Casting Avy Kaufman
Producers Diana Ossana, James Schamus

Ang Lee

Born in Pingtung County, Taiwan in 1954. The son of a high-school principal with traditional ideas about education, Ang Lee chose to study theatre at the University of Illinois and film at NYU. Tui shou (Pushing Hands, Panorama 1992), Hsi Yen (The Wedding Banquet, Golden Bear 1993) and Sense and Sensibility (Golden Bear 1996) screened at the Berlinale. He won the Academy Award for Best Director for Brokeback Mountain and for Life of Pi and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Filmography (selection)

1980 The Runner 1981 I Love Chinese Food · Beat the Artist 1982 I Wish I was by that Dim Lake 1984 Fine Line 1991 Tui shou (Schiebende Hände) 1993 Hsi yen (Das Hochzeitsbankett) 1994 Eat Drink Man Woman 1995 Sense and Sensibility 1997 The Ice Storm 1999 Ride with the Devil 2000 Wo hu cang long 2001 Chosen 2003 Hulk 2005 Brokeback Mountain 2007 Se, jie 2009 Taking Woodstock 2012 Life of Pi 2016 Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk 2019 Gemini Man

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