(Outros) Fundamentos

(Other) Foundations
(Outros) Fundamentos talks about the consequences of the journey that Aline Motta undertook in search of her roots and questions the sense of belonging to a place that might not acknowledge its seemingly evident kinship. It brings together Lagos in Nigeria, Cachoeira in Bahia, and the artist’s home town Rio de Janeiro in Brazil through the waters and bridges that connect the three cities and their common ancestral background.
The film is the last installment of a trilogy that began in 2017 with Bridges over the Abyss, followed by If the Sea had Balconies.
by Aline Motta
with Joceane Soares, Jamiu Jimoh, Ajarat Jimoh, Jani, Shoyumi
Brazil 2019 Portuguese, Yoruba, Tofin Gbe 16’ Colour Documentary form


  • Joceane Soares
  • Jamiu Jimoh
  • Ajarat Jimoh
  • Jani
  • Shoyumi


Written and Directed by Aline Motta
Cinematography Aline Motta
Editing Aline Motta
Music Aline Motta
Sound Pedro Santiago
Producer Aline Motta

Produced by

Aline Motta

Aline Motta

Aline Motta, born in 1974 in Niterói, Brazil, combines different techniques and artistic practices, merging photography, video, installation, performance, sound art, collage, and textile materials. She earned a bachelor degree in Communication Studies at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a Certificate in Film Production at the New School University/New York. She has received several grants and scholarships and recently participated in important exhibitions in Brazil. (Outros) Fundamentos is her third short film.


2017 Pontes sobre Abismos (Bridges over the Abyss); 8 min. · Se o mar tivesse varandas (If the Sea had Balconies); 9 min. 2019 Filha Natural (Natural Daughter); 16 min. · (Outros) Fundamentos ((Other) Foundations); 16 min.

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2020