Volevo nascondermi

Hidden Away
Toni is the son of an Italian emigrant. After his mother’s death, he is adopted by a couple in German-speaking Switzerland. But his physical and mental ailments lead to his expulsion from the country. He is sent to Italy against his will, where he lives for years in abject poverty on the banks of the river Po, with no fixed abode. He finds work as a casual labourer, but remains true to his great passion for drawing. Then he meets the sculptor Renato Marino Mazzacurati, who convinces him to try his hand at painting. This sets him on the path to liberation. This is the story of Antonio Ligabue, a revolutionary loner in modern art. The film’s detailed depiction of the places where Ligabue lived and a strong lead performance from Elio Germano combine to make Volevo nascondermi an authentic and visionary portrait of an exceptional artist. Director Giorgio Diritti takes a passionate approach to Ligabue’s oeuvre; he shows us the man’s dark side and his horrific visions, but also his need to be understood and acknowledged. Marginalised and often mocked, Ligabue knows that art is the only way for him to develop his identity.
by Giorgio Diritti
with Elio Germano, Pietro Traldi, Orietta Notari, Andrea Gherpielli, Oliver Ewy, Leonardo Carrozzo
Italy 2019 Italian 118’ Colour


  • Elio Germano (Antonio Ligabue)
  • Pietro Traldi (Renato Marino Mazzacurati)
  • Orietta Notari (Mazzacurati’s Mother)
  • Andrea Gherpielli (Andrea Mozzali)
  • Oliver Ewy (Ligabue as Teenager)
  • Leonardo Carrozzo (Young Ligabue)


Director Giorgio Diritti
Screenplay Giorgio Diritti, Tania Pedroni
Co-Written by Fredo Valla
Cinematography Matteo Cocco
Editing Paolo Cottignola, Giorgio Diritti
Music Marco Biscarini, Daniele Furlati
Sound Design Luca Leprotti, Marco Biscarini
Sound Carlo Missidenti
Production Design Ludovica Ferrario, Alessandra Mura
Costumes Ursula Patzak
Make-Up Lorenzo Tamburini, Giuseppe Desiato
Assistant Director Barbara Daniele
Casting Barbara Daniele
Producers Carlo Degli Esposti, Nicola Serra
Executive Producer Francesco Beltrame

Giorgio Diritti

The director, screenwriter and producer was born in Bologna, Italy in 1959. His debut feature film, Il vento fa il suo giro, screened at over 60 festivals around the world and won some 40 awards. His second feature, L’uomo che verrà, premiered at Rome Film Fest where it won a number of prizes as well as securing three David di Donatello and three Nastro d’Argento Italian film awards. Un giorno devi andare screened in the World Cinema competition at the Sundance Film Festival.


2002 Con i miei occhi; Documentary 2005 Il vento fa il suo giro (The Wind Blows Round) 2008 Piazzàti; Documentary 2009 L’uomo che verrà (The Man Who Will Come) 2012 Genus Bononiae: Musei nella città; Documentary 2013 Un giorno devi andare (There Will Come a Day) 2016 Bologna 900; Documentary 2019 Volevo nascondermi (Hidden Away)

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