Solo te puedo mostrar el color

I can only show you the color | Ich kann dir nur die Farbe zeigen
2009, in the high plateau of the Peruvian jungle, near the border to Ecuador. The Canadian mining company, Dorato Resource Inc. forces their way into the depths of the primeval forest to search for mineral resources, without any regard for damage. They do this with the government's permission, but without consent from the indigenous people, the Awajún natives who live there. Known for their fearlessness and courage, the Awajún stand up to the invaders. They know that they have international law on their side. But in the fight for their land they are brutally struck down by the ultraliberal government. Violence breeds counter-violence. Director, Fernando Vílchez Rodríguez follows the trail of violence and knows, that it is all about taking position.
by Fernando Vílchez Rodríguez Peru 2014 26’

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