In the beginning there is her grief at the loss of her husband. In the beginning her pregnancy makes her throw up. The law forbids this young pregnant widow to see another man for two months. Her brother-in-law tells her he is owed money. What money? She didn’t know anything about it, she says. He responds through the door that separates them: how could she? It is not a woman’s place to know her husband’s business. That is not her role. He wants the money; she wants to protect her unborn child. She allows the outside world inside, and in doing so transgresses the boundaries of a society in which segregation of the sexes is the norm.
Sanctity shows a young woman pushed to the edge of her possibilities, in all her vulnerability and sensuality, and with all her desires.
by Ahd
with Mohammed Baker, Mohammed Osman, Ahd
France / Saudi Arabia 2012 37’

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