Red rose petals fall on mossy ground. Observed by hunters and gatherers, athletes struggle through the undergrowth. Hikers and nature lovers rest their picturesque bodies while children succomb to the magic spell of modern mythical creatures. The forest has always been the starting point of many fairy tales, myths and legends.
In his video collage Forst Ulu Braun draws an artistic trajectory from primeval forest steeped in legends to media-hyped nature theme park. An ecstatic passion play about nature, achievement and human degeneration.
by Ulu Braun
with Katja Müller, Leni Schmidt, Rudolf Braun, Teuri Haarla, Theo Seidl, Thomas Dohnal, Maxim, Milan Braun, Anne Juren, Stella Braun, Niina Lehtonen Braun
Germany 2013 10’

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