The Five Elements
According to the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism, our search for a higher power always begins with the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. The Sanskrit word for this is ‘Panchabhuta’.
The permanence of these elements defines all space. A space may appear incoherent as far as the average individual’s ability to perceive is concerned. This is not the case however for those who live at the edges. There are also spaces one might think impossible for the human soul to inhabit – and yet, this is precisely where a seemingly uninhabitable space becomes
a part of life,
a part of one’s daily life and one’s existence
and a part of the people who live there.

The presence of the five elements combined with the daily lives of the people who live here form the starting point for Panchabhuta.
The rest are images.
by Mohan Kumar Valasala India 2011 15’

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