Claudia and Dylan enjoy a happy relationship for the most part. But Dylan in particular is convinced that queer Berlin must surely have more to offer than monogamous lesbianism. And so the women decide to set off on a journey of discovery: Dylan discovers a new sex club where friendly young women help her to chart her own erotic map. Claudia becomes Claude and, at the hotel where she works, meets mature attractive Helen with whom she explores a new approach to love. Being with Claude makes Helen almost forget that she only came to Berlin to take her revenge on her sexually jaded husband Hans and to see how her daughter Dylan is getting along. In the film’s grand finale, everything and (almost) everyone comes together in a hotel bed …
Legendary American underground director Cheryl Dunye has a penchant for sex, fun, gender bending and taboo breaking. She takes great relish in this humorous tale of three women’s sexual journey that is both a buoyant reference to and a self-confidently queer interpretation of a porn scenario. Dunye will be familiar to Berlinale audiences from her Teddy Award-winning WATERMELON WOMAN (1996). She returned to the Panorama in 2010 with THE OWLS.
by Cheryl Dunye
with Papí Coxxx, Lil Harlow, Maggie Tapert, Stefan Kuschner
Germany 2012 64’

World sales

m-appeal / Raspberry & Cream

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