Day On Fire

The paths of five strangers cross one day in New York. A day overshadowed by international terrorism. Far away in Israel, a horrific suicide bombing takes place, and, before the day is over, New York will be the site of a terrorist attack affecting the five protagonists in this urban tale. These protagonists include a singer, a model, a journalist, a doctor and a mysterious man.
Najia is a young Palestinian woman. Her curiosity and inquiring mind lead her to an older woman, a doctor named Mary. By chance she meets a model named Shira in a coffee shop. Singer Judy records old Celtic ballads at a studio, accompanied by the pianist John Medeski. Meanwhile, a middle-aged man wanders about the streets and parks of New York. He seems to be searching for a connection to these women - a connection that will reveal the horror of the world in which these women move and where they somehow seek their salvation.
by Jay Anania
with Carmen Chaplin, Martin Donovan, Olympia Dukakis, Alyssa Sutherland
USA 2006 94’

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Bleiberg Entertainment

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