Snow Cake

Taciturn middle-aged Englishman Alex Hughes is an “alien” in Ontario. He is on his way to meet the woman who is the mother of his deceased son. He picks up a hitchhiker on the way. Vivienne is a lively 19-year-old en route to her native town of Wawa. But then, a terrible accident occurs on the outskirts of town: a juggernaut drives into Alex’ car and Vivienne is killed in­stant­ly. For the second time in his life, Alex finds himself grieving the death of someone he doesn’t really know at all.
Still in a state of shock, Alex seeks out Vivienne’s mother in order to tell her the dreadful news himself. But the dead girl’s mother, Linda Freeman, is no ordinary person but a woman suffering from autism. Although she understands the tragedy that has befallen her, she is quite unable to show any emotions.
Alex decides to remain in Wawa until the funeral is over. He moves in with Linda and tries, as best he can, to take part in her life. He soon meets Linda’s saucy neighbour, Maggie, and it is not long before they are on intimate terms. Much to the chagrin of police officer Clyde, who is in love with Mag­gie. Clyde’s jealousy prompts him to start making some inquiries into Alex’ past. He unearths the dark secret that Alex once served a prison sentence for having killed someone. Maggie remains undeterred. Her capacity to understand, and Linda’s unique approach to the world are what finally helps Alex face his past…
by Marc Evans
with Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Carrie-Anne Moss
United Kingdom / Canada 2006 112’

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