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Generation 14plus


All of a sudden, he was simply there. Nick was in primary school, standing alone in the playground, when he suddenly noticed him. His voice sounded gruff and old, and no one except Nick could hear him. Mister Wolfe became Nick's constant companion, but before long a darker side emerged. Featuring animated scenes and a candid interview with the now 24-year-old Nick, this film portrays a collage of his psyche.

Claire Randall

Australia 2016


Documentary form
16 min · Colour


Claire Randall
Director of Photography
Lachlan James Morton
Claire Randall, Liam Keogh
Jacob de Weger
Sound Design
Michael Laverty, Damon Sheridan
Malcolm Bothma
Motion Graphics Designer
Jacob Duroux
Shannen Tunnicliffe, Claire Randall


Claire Randall

Born in Brisbane, Australia, after studying Film and Screen Media at Griffith University, she discovered a passion for documentary filmmaking. Her personal circumstances - she developed depression in her late teenage years - have led her to focus in her work chiefly on mental illness and on promoting social awareness for this topic.


2016 Wolfe; short film

Produced by

Shannen Tunnicliffe
Brisbane, Australia

Claire Randall
Brisbane, Australia


Generation Mix

Aaba; Sheva Dakot; Wolfe; Vulkánsziget; Em busca da terra sem males; Smashed; White Riot: London; In a Nutshell

  • 190061
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    Sun Feb 19 16:00
    CinemaxX 5 (E)
Short Films 1 - 14plus

Sheva Dakot; SNIP; Libélula; Moloko; Wolfe; After the Smoke; Morning Cowboy

  • 130043
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    Mon Feb 13 11:30
    CinemaxX 3 (E)
  • 150022
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    Wed Feb 15 10:30
    CinemaxX 1 (E)
  • 180023
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    Sat Feb 18 14:30
    CinemaxX 1 (E)
Award Ceremony Generation 14plus

Wolfe; Butterfly Kisses

  • 171333
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    Fri Feb 17 19:30
    HKW (E)
    Followed by a screening of the award-winning films