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Ard al mahshar

Land of Doom

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The film depicts the last days of eastern Aleppo’s siege. Just before its fall, Milad Amin, residing in Beirut, follows up with his friend Ghith, an activist and photographer, who like so many other civilians still remains in the besieged city. Following Ghith via his camera through the ruins of the city, we hear the two friends talk about people’s situations while waiting for their fate amidst the fighting parties. The film is an intimate and personal recording of civilians’ sufferings during this time of siege, hunger, and war – and a recording of both the relationship of activists brought together during the civil movements and of the geographic distances that separate them due to violence, bombing, and killing.

Milad Amin

Lebanon / Syria 2017


Documentary form
20’ · Colour

World premiere


Ghith Beram
Salem Abo Al-Naser


Milad Amin
Ghith Beram
Raya Yamisha
Sound Design
Ziad Mukarzel
Assistant Director
Ghith Beram
Production Management
Maya Shurbaji
Mouhammad Ali Atassi, Maya Shurbaji


Milad Amin

Milad Amin studied Fine Arts in Damascus to become a sculptor, but the revolution changed his trajectory. He works in various art related fields, has worked as a sculptor, a photographer, and a web designer, as well as a tattoo artist and bartender. In 2016 and 2017 he completed a workshop on documentary filmmaking with Bidayyat, and took a position in the Arabic Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF) camps in Lebanon as a logistical coordinator.


2015 Hide the Phone 2017 Ard al mahshar (Land of Doom)

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