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City of Tales

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City of cities. City of gold. City of dreams. Cosmopolitan city. Time becomes dilated, the night is all there is and Los Angeles manifests as the chosen one. Streets, names and languages are switched: Los Angeles is transformed into Tehran, and instead of speaking English, the inhabitants converse in a Persian dialect – as if they’d never known anything else. They stay up all night, dancing Persian dances on Ecstasy, while shimmering lights reflect the beauty of the experience. In the rapture of night, it is easy to remember: city of angels, new city. Los Angeles becomes Tehran – if only for a few nights when the New Year is celebrated according to Persian custom.
Maike Mia Höhne

Arash Nassiri

France 2017


21’ · Colour

World premiere


Latoya Franklin
Motown Maurice
Paul Bikini
Dave Dylan Guy
Sarah Latin-Kasper
Moira Mc Fadden
Mahdad Berenji
Emanuel Howell
Matt Walker
Donald Wayne Brown Jr
Jalen Williams
Cameron Johnson
Luke King
Tyler Cornell
Narlia Sterling
Uma Abde
Tsutomu Takeshimura
Etalvia Cashin
Hailey Gomez
Jamileh Nedahi


Written and directed by
Arash Nassiri
Jordane Chouzenoux
Pierre Deschamps, Julien Soudet
Sound Design
Jérémy Emery
Production Management
Mathias Holst
Elsa Klughertz
Production Design
Militza Solorio
Sound Editor
Raphaël Hénard, Xavier Thieullin
Visual Effects
Philippe Cuxac, Gregory McGew
François Masingue


Arash Nassiri

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1986, he currently lives and works in Paris. After spending time at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, taking part in a student exchange to Berlin and focussing on photography and video at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris, he completed his studies at Le Fresnoy in Tourcoing, France. His films focus on places - a ruined building or an entire city - which represent ‘speculative spaces where our ideologies can become visible’. His films have screened at exhibitions and festivals in France and abroad, including at the 2015 Architecture Biennale in Venice and the 2016 Fundació Suñol in Barcelona.

Filmography (short films)

2010 Tunetracks 2012 Masters 2013 Palais 2014 Tehran-Geles 2017 City of Tales

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Jonas Films

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