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NATIVe - Indigenous Cinema

Vor dem Schnee

Before the Snow

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Ghost stories are part of the cultural heritage of the Khanty and Forest Nenets in Western Siberia. Eerie accounts based on personal experiences with the supernatural and the dead are narrated void of interpretation. Western civilization intrudes on these ancestral beliefs and dismisses them as paganism, but to Indigenous eyes, the beyond belongs to the sphere of this earth, the spirits, the devils, nature, humans. Beings high and low should not be disturbed.

Christian Vagt

Germany 2007

Russian, Nenets

Documentary form
27’ · Colour


Josif Kechimov
Yuri Vella
Agrafena Pesikova


Christian Vagt
Christian Vagt
Sound Design
Florian Holzner
Christian Vagt
Production Manager
Stephan Dudeck
Executive Producer
Stefan Kurz
Christian Vagt, Stephan Dudeck


Christian Vagt

Christian Vagt studied Film and Theatre at the Free University of Berlin and works primarily as a photographer in Berlin. In 2016 he presented a series of photographs exploring the Greek refugee camp Softex. Before the Snow is his first film.


2007 Vor dem Schnee (Before the Snow)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017

Produced by

Christian Vagt