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The Inland Road

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“Jesus, Tia! Have you spoken to your mother?” · “No. We had a fight. · What the fuck were you thinking!?”

After a falling-out with her mother, 16-year-old Tia hitchhikes across the New Zealand South Island. A fatal car accident brings the Maori girl together with father-to-be Will, his wife Donna and his niece, four-year-old Lily. In the rugged Otago highlands, on Will and Donna's farm, Tia hopes to find the love, warmth and security she desperately craves. Is it possible to find your place somewhere where there is no place for you? In her debut feature film, Jackie van Beek's keen grasp of her protagonist's state of mind makes for a gripping insight into the complex emotional life of a restless young woman. A subtle film about visible and invisible wounds.

Jackie van Beek

New Zealand 2017

English, Maori

80’ · Colour


Gloria Popata (Tia)
David Elliot (Will)
Chelsie Preston Crayford (Donna)
Georgia Spillane (Lily)
Jodie Hillock (May)


Written and Directed by
Jackie van Beek
Giovanni C. Lorusso
Luca Cappelli, Tom Eagles
James Kenyon, Nick Huggins
Sound Design
Dick Reade
Colleen Brennan
Production Design
Leah Popple
Kristin Seth
Julie Clark
Yvette Reid
Assistant Director
Elisa Pascarel
Line Producer
Annie Weston
Aaron Watson
Executive Producers
Philippa Campbell, Brett Mills
Associate Producer
Dena Kennedy


Jackie van Beek

A New Zealand actor, writer and director who works in theatre, television and film, she has developed various comedy projects including 'My Brother and I are Pornstars' with which toured New Zealand and Australia. To date she has made seven short films which have screened at numerous international festivals, including Go the Dogs which featured in the Berlinale Generation programme in 2011. The Inland Road is her debut feature film.


2008 One Shoe Short; short film 2009 Just Like the Others; short film 2011 Go the Dogs; short film · Little Red Riding Hood; short film · In Safe Hands; short film 2013 Uphill; short film 2015 The Lawnmower Bandit; short documentary 2016 The Inland Road

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Sabertooth Films Ltd

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