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Las plantas


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“Do you think plants could have souls? That we might even be able to talk to them?”

For a whole summer, 17-year-old Florencia has to look after her brother, who is trapped in a persistent vegetative state. She washes him, changes his nappies, and cuddles up to him in bed. From time to time she reads to him from a comic called Las Plantas, which is about plant souls that take control of human bodies at full moon. At night, Florencia makes contact with men on the internet. Images of her monotonous daily routine and a vibrant fantasy world merge to create a fascinating tale of a young woman as she self-determines her own sexual awakening. Dreamlike sequences and atmospheric, metallic music create the mood of a thriller.

Chile 2015, 93 min


Roberto Doveris


Violeta Castillo
Mauricio Vaca
Juan Cano
Simón Mercado

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