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Emo (the musical)

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A musical about two teenagers who couldn’t be more different. Ethan is an ‘emo’: his favourite colour is black and smiling is taboo. ‘Sunshine – the worst possible way to start the day. Why is everyone smiling so obscenely?’ he intones early one morning. Trinity is a fervent Christian and counters him with a soft voice: ‘Would you come to church with me, sit down in the aisle next to me?’ Hard to believe that these two could ever get together. But in the long run Ethan finds it impossible to resist Trinity’s breezy charm. What on earth will Ethan’s friends make of this, given all the gloomy songs they sing in their band? And what about Trinity’s friends who warble away sweet ditties about God, accompanied by the guitar?

Australia 2013, 16 min


Neil Triffett


Harry Borland
Charlotte Nicdao
Zak Marrinan
Robert Tripolino

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