The Kites

Der Papierdrache
A girl is playing on the green slopes of a valley in Kurdistan, on the border between Iran and Iraq, when her kite is suddenly swept across the river by the wind. Three boys on the other side see her calling for help, but cannot make out what she is saying: she is just too far away. Separated by the river, the children try to communicate with each other – yet between them lie the explosive remnants of past wars.
by Seyed Payam Hosseini
with Karo Ghavami, Ramyar Qavami, Karo Hassani, Amir Kadkhodai, Osman Pira, Kimiya Khalediyan
Iran 2020 Kurdish 14’ Colour World premiere recommendation: 8 years and up


  • Karo Ghavami (Sarkawt)
  • Ramyar Qavami (Boy 1)
  • Karo Hassani (Boy 2)
  • Amir Kadkhodai (Boy 3)
  • Osman Pira (Mamusta)
  • Kimiya Khalediyan (Rozhin)


Written and Directed bySeyed Payam Hosseini
CinematographyHamed Baghaeian
EditingHadi Ahmadi
MusicHadi Ahmadi
Sound DesignErfan Ebrahimi
SoundPezhman Razh
Production DesignMehran Mokari
CostumesSeyed Payam Hosseini
Make-UpSnoor Rashidi
CastingSeyed Payam Hosseini
Assistant DirectorFaryad Khosravani
Production ManagerArmin Pormohmmad
ProducersSeyed Payam Hosseini, Mohsen Mohamadi Shasha
Executive ProducerSeyed Payam Hosseini

Produced by

Parya Film Haghighat

Seyed Payam Hosseini

Born in Sanandaj, Iran in 1990, the film director and managing director of the Priya Film Haghighat production company studied architecture and is a graduate of the Iranian Young Cinema Association. He promotes young filmmakers and supports children suffering from cancer.


2008 Hiva; short film 2009 Subconsciously inside me; short film 2010 Wishes fly; short film 2011 The Suffering of Life; documentary 2012 Khosrow Abad Sanandaj Mansion; documentary 2013 Chop Art; documentary 2014 Fozhan; short film 2015 Ring 1 2016 Ring 2 2017 Big Theft · Living in the village 1; documentary 2018 Living in the village 2; documentary · He; short film 2019 The old sounds of Kurdistan; documentary · Zara serial Kurdi · The Kites; short film

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