Kids Run

Andi’s life is a constant battle. Work on the construction site is getting to him and doesn’t bring in enough money to make ends meet. Arranging his life around his three children and their respective mothers is already hard and his often aggressive, unaccommodating behaviour doesn’t help. His rent in arrears, Andi must raise 5,000 Euros in a hurry to avoid eviction. Sonja, the mother of his youngest daughter Fiou and the woman he still loves, wants to help. She secretly uses her new lover’s savings but, when the latter finds out, he blows his top. Sonja gives Andi an ultimatum: if he fails to pay back the money within two weeks, she’ll stop him from seeing Fiou. Andi’s only chance appears to be an amateur boxing tournament with a hefty cash prize. He throws himself into training like a man possessed.
The film’s restless images and hard cuts create a picture of a cold and merciless world that feels more like a transit area than a place to live. It is a world in which destitution inevitably breeds injustice and leads to nothing but a dead end. This impression is contrasted by moments of warmth between Andi and his children whose eyes radiate unconditional love.
by Barbara Ott
with Jannis Niewöhner, Lena Tronina, Eline Doenst, Giuseppe Bonvissuto, Carol Schuler, Sascha Geršak, Oliver Konietzny
Germany 2020 German 104’ Colour, 2K DCP World premiere


  • Jannis Niewöhner (Andi)
  • Lena Tronina (Sonja)
  • Eline Doenst (Nikki)
  • Giuseppe Bonvissuto (Ronny)
  • Carol Schuler (Isabel)
  • Sascha Geršak (Mikael)
  • Oliver Konietzny (Jan)


Written and Directed byBarbara Ott
CinematographyFalko Lachmund
EditingGregory Schuchmann
MusicParadox Paradise, John Gürtler, Lars Voges, Jan Miserre
Sound DesignManuel Meichsner
SoundRobert Keilbar
Production DesignChristiane Krumwiede
CostumesTina Eckhoff
Make-UpMarcus Michael, Elke Hahn
CastingSimone Bär
Assistant DirectorBen Bischof
Production ManagerNiklas Hlawatsch
ProducersGabriele Simon, Martin Heisler
Co-ProducersStefanie Plattner, Ekrem Ergün, Isa Prahl, Niklas Hlawatsch
Co-ProductionStorming Donkey Productions, Potsdam
TBA The Beauty Aside, Köln

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In co-production with ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel.

Barbara Ott

Born in 1983 on the German-Czech border, she took a degree in fiction directing at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. Her graduation film Sunny screened successfully at national and international festivals and received numerous awards including the German Short Film Award in Gold, the FIRST STEPS Award, the Studio Hamburg Newcomer Award and the German Camera Award.


2010 Beelzebub; short film 2013 Sunny; short film 2020 Kids Run

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