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After the Smoke

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As if signalling a dark omen, black smoke rises skyward from the huge chimney. In the background, muted sounds can be heard. What is it that makes the people stay in such a desolate place? As the locals gather at the rodeo arena in a barren outback mining town, a young man watches the rider as he battles with a rearing horse, one hand tightly holding the reins. It’s a bizarre dance, playing with danger, living for that momentary rush of adrenalin.

Nick Waterman

Australia 2017


9’ · Black/White


Sam Reid


Nick Waterman
Nick Waterman, Bertie Blackman
Director of Photography
Velinda Wardell
Nick Waterman
Bertie Blackman
Sound Design
Sasha Zastavnikovic
Melissa Beauford, Nick Waterman
Executive Producers
John Winter, Bertie Blackman


Nick Waterman

This director and editor studied film at the University of Technology Sydney. His work explores aspects of Australian identity in various genres ranging from drama to music video through poetic storytelling and strong graphic imagery. He is currently developing a feature film based on the memoirs of Australian writer Kate Richards.

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2012 From Here 2014 Vote Yes 2017 After the Smoke

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Authentic Pie