Deine Brüder

Cem and his five best friends have been a close-knit group since childhood. In fact, Cem regards the others as his true family. But he is changing: becoming tougher and more brutal, threatening his friends and frightening their relatives. After a stay in a psychiatric hospital, Cem fails to take his prescribed medication. His threats of violence and aggressive outbursts grow increasingly common. What is going on inside him remains incomprehensible to the outside world. It is only around Lara that he behaves differently. Cem’s world is alien to her, maybe that’s why he likes her so much. Cem’s mates are torn between loyalty to their childhood friend and fear of the ever-increasing danger he poses. At some point, this fear grows so great that it erupts into an act of brutal vigilantism.
by Helene Hegemann
with Zethphan Smith-Gneist, Lavinia Wilson, Luna Wedler, Eren M. Güvercin, Adrian Vasile But
Germany 2024 German 67' Colour World premiere | Series


  • Zethphan Smith-Gneist (Cem)
  • Lavinia Wilson (Lawyer Goldmann)
  • Luna Wedler (Lara)
  • Eren M. Güvercin (Felix)
  • Adrian Vasile But (Faraz)
  • Berke Cetin (Bekir)
  • Esmael Agostinho (Hamza)
  • Furkan Yaprak (Iskender)
  • Anke Kellerer (Nici)
  • Roland Bonjour (Lawyer Polak)
  • Tom Lass (Lawyer Mazur)
  • Frank Büttner (Lawyer Pelz)
  • Detlev Buck (Judge Nicolaisen)
  • David Ruland (Prosecutor)
  • Acelya Sezer (Enisa)


DirectorHelene Hegemann
ScreenplayHelene Hegemann, Esther Preussler
CinematographyChristopher Aoun
EditingAndi Pek
Sound DesignHenriette Hirschberger
Sound MixingNico Berthold
SoundEtienne Haug
Production DesignSylvester Koziolek
CostumesSilke Faber
Make-UpBritta Balcke
CastingLiza Stutzky
Assistant DirectorAlex Koryakin
Production ManagerHolger Härtl
ProducerJorgo Narjes
Executive ProducersJorgo Narjes, Uwe Schott

Produced by

X Filme Creative Pool

Berlin, Germany

Helene Hegemann

The writer and director made her first medium-length film, Torpedo, at the age of 14. The film went on to win the 2008 Max Ophüls Prize. In 2010, she published her debut novel, “Axolotl Roadkill”, which she then made into a film which won the award for Best Cinematography at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. This was followed by five further novels, two nominations for the German Book Prize and numerous journalistic works. Her most recent work for the screen, Strafe – Subotnik, was presented as part of a miniseries at the Munich Film Festival in 2022. She also directs for the opera and theatre.


2008 Torpedo; medium-length film 2017 Axolotl Overkill 2024 Zeit Verbrechen; series, episode “Deine Brüder”

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Zeit Verbrechen - Episode 3 & 4

Deine Brüder | Love by Proxy

Thu Feb 22 19:30

Zoo Palast 1

Subtitles: English

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Fri Feb 23 18:30

Cubix 9

Subtitles: English

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