Zeit Verbrechen: Love by Proxy

Widower Ralf is in love with a young American woman called Earlie Thomas. Beautiful and mysterious, Earlie is in great danger. Having travelled to Ghana to inherit her murdered father’s legacy, she soon realises that her family – owners of one of the country’s most lucrative gold mines since colonial times – has a number of enemies. Earlie gets caught up in a web of opaque plots. But then rescue is at hand when Mr. Saw, her father’s former bodyguard, offers to take Earlie and her inheritance to Germany. For this to work, Ralf’s support is essential. A love story unfolds between Ghana and Germany as Ralf embarks on the adventure of his lifetime. He is determined that Earlie will survive – whatever the cost.
by Faraz Shariat
with Maja Simonsen, Fiifi Jefferson Pratt, Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Sandra Hüller, Briggitte Akosua Appiah, Maame Esi Otibu, Kobina Amissah-Sam, Sophie Rois, Benjamin Radjaipour
Germany 2024 English, German, Twi 58’ Colour World premiere | Series


  • Maja Simonsen (Earlie Thomas)
  • Fiifi Jefferson Pratt (Vincent Saw)
  • Jan Henrik Stahlberg (Ralf Meierhof)
  • Sandra Hüller (Susanne Meierhof)
  • Briggitte Akosua Appiah (Adwoa)
  • Maame Esi Otibu (Kisi)
  • Kobina Amissah-Sam (Herr Kingsley)
  • Sophie Rois (Bride)
  • Benjamin Radjaipour (Cashier)


Director Faraz Shariat
Screenplay Faraz Shariat, Raquel Dukpa, Paulina Lorenz, Benjamin Kent
Cinematography Simon Dat Vu
Editing Friederike Hohmuth, Andi Pek
Music Lafawndah
Sound Design Moritz Hoffmeister
Sound Mixing Nico Berthold
Sound James Adofo, Manuel Vogt
Production Design Anthony Tomety, Kristina Schmidt
Costumes Daniel Obasi, Freya Herrmann
Make-Up Benjamin Tefe, Lydia Ashitey, Asia Clarke
Casting Liza Stutzky, Mawuko Kuadzi
Assistant Director Manuel Siebert
Production Managers Benedikt Bothe, Yaw Amponsah Apenteng
Line Producers Danny Damah, Tony Tagoe
Producer Jorgo Narjes
Executive Producers Jorgo Narjes, Uwe Schott

Produced by

Faraz Shariat

Born in Cologne, Germany in 1994. After initial theatre directing and acting work at Schauspiel Köln and video installations for the Staatstheater Hannover, he studied dramatic arts at the University of Hildesheim. His debut feature film, No Hard Feelings, evolved from his autobiographical documentaries exploring his family history and his work as a translator for refugees. The film was developed in collaboration with Paulina Lorenz and Raquel Molt in the Jünglinge film collective in which the three have worked together since university. It premiered in the 2020 Panorama and won Best Feature Film both at the Teddy and the First Steps Awards.


2013 GemEinsam Judas; short film · Fühlgefühl; short film 2015 Ich bin euer Sohn; short documentary · The Dichotomous Trilogy; short film 2020 Aïcha; short film · Futur Drei (No Hard Feelings) 2024 Zeit Verbrechen; series, episode “Love by Proxy”

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