Tim is out clubbing with his mates and is having a great time. But then the buoyant mood changes when he suddenly loses control. A little later, he is picked up on the street by an ambulance, but the paramedics see no need to take further action. The police also refuse to help Tim home. So the 18-year-old sets off alone. In the middle of the night, he rings on strangers’ doorbells but they also want to get rid of him as quickly as possible. The police show up again. This time, they take Tim with them and, shortly afterwards, drop him off in the middle of nowhere on a lonely country road. With his strength ebbing away, Tim struggles through the impenetrable darkness. He will never find his way back home. Who will accept responsibility for his death?
by Mariko Minoguchi
with Samuel Benito, Lisa Hagmeister, Kailas Mahadevan, Sebastian Zimmler, Aljoscha Stadelmann
Germany 2024 German 55' Colour World premiere | Series


  • Samuel Benito (Tim)
  • Lisa Hagmeister (Bianca Decker)
  • Kailas Mahadevan (Roland Decker)
  • Sebastian Zimmler (Herr Lange)
  • Aljoscha Stadelmann (Herr Hartmann)
  • Shadi Eck (Domi)
  • Carlo Stolle (Marcel)
  • Jule Hermann (Jessy)
  • Lisa Hofer (Frau Stoever)
  • Eser Duran (Harden)
  • Clara Aileen Bowen (Merki)
  • Johannes Benecke (Herr Preuss)


DirectorMariko Minoguchi
ScreenplayMariko Minoguchi
CinematographyFelix Pflieger
EditingAndreas Menn
MusicLorenz Dangel
Sound DesignChristof Ebhardt
Sound MixingMathias Maydl
SoundBenjamin Schubert
Production DesignMarie-Luise Balzer
CostumesUlé Barcelos
Make-UpMaike Heinlein
CastingLiza Stutzky
Assistant DirectorMichaela Bury
Production ManagerBenedikt Maurer
ProducerJorgo Narjes
Executive ProducersJorgo Narjes, Uwe Schott

Produced by

X Filme Creative Pool

Berlin, Germany

www.x-filme.de www.x-filme.de

Mariko Minoguchi

The German-Japanese director was born in Munich, Germany in 1988. At the age of 18, she made her first short film Maybe and then gained experience on various film productions. In 2010, she founded the production company Trimafilm together with Trini Götze. Her feature film debut as a director, Mein Ende. Dein Anfang, won several prizes including awards by the German Film Critics Association for Best Debut Film and Best Screenplay. Collaborating with director Tim Fehlbaum, she wrote the script for his film Tides which premiered at the Berlinale in 2021 and reached number 1 in the US Netflix charts.

Filmography (selection)

2011 Lieben allein; short film · Geschwisterherzen; short film 2012 Karlstod; short film 2019 Mein Ende. Dein Anfang. (Relativity) 2024 Zeit Verbrechen; series, Episode “December”

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2024


Zeit Verbrechen - Episode 1 & 2

Dezember | Der Panther

Thu Feb 22 16:00

Zoo Palast 1

Subtitles: English

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Fri Feb 23 15:30

Cubix 9

Subtitles: English

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