Lia, a retired teacher, has made a promise to find out what happened to her long-lost niece, Tekla. When Lia learns from a neighbour, Achi, that Tekla might have left their Georgian homeland and be living in Turkey, Lia and Achi set off together to find her. Arriving in Istanbul, they discover a beautiful city full of connections and possibilities. But searching for someone who never intended to be found is harder than they expected – until they meet Evrim, a lawyer fighting for trans rights. As Lia and Achi weave their way through the city’s backstreets, Tekla starts to feel closer than ever.
Levan Akin’s fourth feature film is filled with an impressive emotional immediacy. Two initially hesitant strangers overcome not only ideological but also internal boundaries on their mission and join forces. The topography of the city plays just as important a role in this ode to humanity as the array of characters that live within it.
by Levan Akin
with Mzia Arabuli, Lucas Kankava, Deniz Dumanlı
Sweden / Denmark / France / Turkey / Georgia 2024 Georgian, Turkish, English 105’ Colour World premiere


  • Mzia Arabuli (Lia)
  • Lucas Kankava (Achi)
  • Deniz Dumanlı (Evrim)


Director Levan Akin
Screenplay Levan Akin
Cinematography Lisabi Fridell
Editing Emma Lagrelius, Levan Akin
Sound Design Anne Gry Friis Kristensen, Sigrid DPA Jensen
Production Design Roger Rosenberg
Costumes Linn Eklund
Producer Mathilde Dedye
Co-Producers Omar El Kadi, Nadia Turincev, Ersan Çongar, Katja Adomeit, Anna Khazaradze, Nino Chichua, Anna Croneman, Charlotta Denward, Ludvig Andersson

Levan Akin

The Swedish filmmaker of Georgian descent was born in Stockholm in 1979. His work explores class, gender and sexuality. His film And Then We Danced premiered in the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival and was Sweden’s official entry for the Oscars. He directed on the TV series Real Humans and was co-executive producer and director on the series adaptation of Interview with the Vampire.


2008 De Sista Sakerna (The Last Things); short film 2011 Certain People 2015 Cirkeln (The Circle) 2019 And Then We Danced 2024 Crossing

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