Young Hearts

Junge Herzen
In the middle of the school year, 14-year-old Elias meets his new neighbour Alexander, a boy from Brussels who seems self-confident and headstrong. The two quickly hit it off. Alexander asks Elias if he has a girlfriend – and reveals without hesitation that he’s into boys himself. Elias enjoys spending time with Alexander but keeps his burgeoning feelings to himself. Afraid of the reactions of those around him, he becomes entangled in a web of lies until he no longer knows how to extricate himself apart from to push Alexander away. Elias feels completely alone. However, after a heartfelt conversation with his grandfather about how much he loved his deceased wife, Elias realises that love is too precious to let it slip away. He has to find a way to win Alexander back...
by Anthony Schatteman
with Lou Goossens, Marius De Saeger, Geert Van Rampelberg, Emilie De Roo, Dirk Van Dijck
Belgium / Netherlands 2024 Dutch, French, Subtitles: English, German 97' Colour World premiere | Debut film | recommendation: 11 years and up

Content Note

Advisory note on sensitive content


  • Lou Goossens (Elias)
  • Marius De Saeger (Alexander)
  • Geert Van Rampelberg (Luk)
  • Emilie De Roo (Nathalie)
  • Dirk Van Dijck (Fred)


DirectorAnthony Schatteman
ScreenplayAnthony Schatteman
CinematographyPieter Van Campe
EditingEmiel Nuninga
MusicRuben De Gheselle
Sound DesignRosanne Blokker, Meghan van der Meer
SoundLaurens Desmet
Production DesignKato Bulteel
CostumesGudrun Wylleman
Make-UpJacqueline Hoogendijk, Chinouk Meu
CastingSien Josephine Teijssen
ProducerXavier Rombaut
Executive ProducerJan Ryvers
Co-ProducersFloor Onrust, Annabella Nezri
Co-ProductionFamily Affair Films, Amsterdam
Kwassa Films, Brüssel

Produced by

Polar Bear

Brüssel, Belgium

World Sales

Films Boutique

Berlin, Germany

Anthony Schatteman

The director’s films focus on the world of young people and their relationships, shaped by their awakening sexuality. Paying great attention to emotions that are difficult to express, he portrays universal characters with whom it is easy to identify. His debut short film Kiss Me Softly won awards at film festivals around the world. Four more shorts followed. Between 2020 and 2022, he directed four drama series, including the Irish series Northern Lights. He is making his feature debut with Young Hearts.


2012 Kus me zachtjes (Kiss Me Softly) 2015 Volg me (Follow Me) 2016 Dag Vreemde Man (Hello, Stranger) 2017 Petit Ami 2021 L’Homme Inconnu 2023 Northern Lights; series, episodes 5–6 2024 Young Hearts

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