Anaar Daana

Sour Candy | Saure Bonbons
Guddal, a free-spirited five-year-old, loves eating the sour sweeties called Anaar Daana. She lives in her ancestral home with her younger brother Laddoo and older sister Chinu. In the absence of their parents, the children are looked after by a nanny – who often scolds Guddal and Laddoo for getting up to mischief. One day, a sad incident causes a sudden shift in the atmosphere. The influx of strangers and unwanted guests into her idyllic world leaves Guddal confused. The coming-of-age tale Anaar Daana explores the essence of childhood amidst the darkest moments in life.
by Nishi Dugar
with Veda Agrawal, Manav Hinduja, Lavya Jain, Manjari Saxena, Suryakanta Bothra, Doorva Sharma
India 2024 Hindi 20’ World premiere recommendation: 8 years and up


  • Veda Agrawal (Guddal)
  • Manav Hinduja (Laddoo)
  • Lavya Jain (Chinu)
  • Manjari Saxena (Nanny)
  • Suryakanta Bothra (Grandmother)
  • Doorva Sharma (Gulaab Bua sa)


Director Nishi Dugar
Screenplay Nishi Dugar
Cinematography Ashwin Ameri
Editing Pavan Theurkar
Colourist Mahak Gupta
Music Dawn Vincent
Sound Sudipto Mukhopadhyay
Sound Mixing Robin Kunjukutty
Sound Design Dawn Vincent
Production Design Shalmolee Mukherjee
Costumes Kush Patel, Shalmolee Mukherjee
Make-Up Vinay Sharma
Casting Ashish Manghnani
Producer Nishi Dugar
Executive Producer Nishi Dugar
Co-Producers Kush Patel, Anirudh Chordia

Produced by

Nishi Dugar

Nishi Dugar

The filmmaker and cinematographer comes from Jaipur in India. She has a BA in multimedia from Saint Xavier’s College in Kolkata and studied cinematography at the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune. She is also a member of the Indian Women Cinematographer’s Collective. Fascinated by film since childhood, she wants to tell stories about the intimate and delicate facets of human relationships. She returned to her roots in Rajasthan for her debut short film Anaar Daana.


2024 Anaar Daana (Sour Candy); short film

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