Sheep | Schaf
Rose, a little girl in Tehran, lives with her mother and her dog. She discovers that her neighbours are killing sheep. Her mother explains that the animals are being sacrificed in a traditional ritual where their meat is cooked and distributed among people. Rose considers it foolish to follow this old tradition in modern life. She decides to save the remaining sheep.
by Hadi Babaeifar
with Rose Tabatabaie, Gelavij Alam
Iran 2024 Farsi 13’ World premiere recommendation: 8 years and up


  • Rose Tabatabaie (Rose)
  • Gelavij Alam (Mother)


Director Hadi Babaeifar
Screenplay Hadi Babaeifar
Cinematography Adib Sobhani
Editing Hamid Najafirad
Sound Design Zohreh Aliakbari
Sound Javad Jahangiri
Production Design Sajjad Saeedi
Costumes Faraz Modiri
Producer Hadi Babaeifar
Executive Producer Hadi Babaeifar

Produced by

Hadi Babaeifar

Hadi Babaeifar

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1983, he discovered his interest in cinema at the age of 20 and bought his own camera. He studied film criticism and acting at the Karnameh Institute of Arts and Culture while simultaneously working as a photographer on several feature film sets. When he was 32, he embarked on a directing degree in Tehran, graduating in 2018. His debut short film Deer premiered in Generation in 2022 and is the first part of his animal trilogy. Goosfand is the second film in the trilogy.


2021 Gavazn (Deer); short film 2024 Goosfand (Sheep); short film

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