Verbrannte Erde

Scorched Earth
Following In the Shadows, the film Scorched Earth is the second part of Thomas Arslan’s Trojan trilogy. Twelve years after career criminal Trojan was forced to flee Berlin, the search for contracts leads him back to the city. Trojan is broke and urgently needs a new job. But Berlin has changed and his old contacts are no longer of much use. Plus, Trojan’s maxim of only ever working for cash is hard to follow in an increasingly digitalised world. So it takes some time before the middlewoman Rebecca finally offers him the prospect of a lucrative contract: a painting by Caspar David Friedrich is to be stolen from a museum. The heist unites Trojan with getaway driver Diana, his former mate Luca and the young Chris. Everything looks promising, but the shadowy client and his henchman Victor have their own plans for the painting. Soon it becomes less about the money and more about getting out alive.
by Thomas Arslan
with Mišel Matičević, Marie Leuenberger, Alexander Fehling, Tim Seyfi, Bilge Bingül, Marie-Lou Sellem, Katrin Röver, Anja Schneider, Tamer Yiğit
Germany 2024 German 101’ Colour World premiere


  • Mišel Matičević (Trojan)
  • Marie Leuenberger (Diana)
  • Alexander Fehling (Victor)
  • Tim Seyfi (Luca)
  • Bilge Bingül (Chris)
  • Marie-Lou Sellem (Rebecca)
  • Katrin Röver (Claire)
  • Anja Schneider (Nadja)
  • Tamer Yiğit (Can)


Director Thomas Arslan
Screenplay Thomas Arslan
Cinematography Reinhold Vorschneider
Editing Reinaldo Pinto Almeida
Music Ola Fløttum
Sound Design Jochen Jezussek, Christian Obermaier, Tormod Ringnes
Production Design Reinhild Blaschke
Costumes Anette Guther
Make-Up Nina Düffort
Casting Ulrike Müller
Producers Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Michael Weber, Anton Kaiser

Produced by

Schramm Film Koerner Weber Kaiser

Thomas Arslan

Born in Braunschweig, Germany in 1962, he lived in Essen until 1967 and then attended primary school in Ankara, Turkey. Returning to Essen in 1971, he completed school in 1982. After serving the community alternative to military service in Hamburg, he spent a year in Munich, studying German and history for two semesters. He then took a number of film internships and, from 1986 to 1992, studied film at the DFFB in Berlin. Starting with his feature-length debut Turn Down the Music, his films have been invited to the Berlinale on several occasions, with films including Dealer, A Fine Day, From Far Away and In the Shadows screening in the Forum, and Gold and Bright Nights premiering in the Competition.

Filmography (selection)

1985 Eine Nacht, ein Morgen; short film 1989 Risse; medium-length film 1990 19 Porträts; short film 1991 Am Rand; short film 1992 Im Sommer; medium-length film 1993 Mach die Musik leiser (Turn Down the Music) 1996 Geschwister (Brothers and Sisters) 1998 Dealer 2001 Der schöne Tag (A Fine Day) 2005 Aus der Ferne (From Far Away) 2007 Ferien (Vacation) 2010 Im Schatten (In the Shadows) 2013 Gold 2017 Helle Nächte (Bright Nights) 2024 Verbrannte Erde (Scorched Earth)

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