In the heart of the Nepalese Himalayas, the spirited Pema embraces a polyandrous marriage with Tashi and his two younger brothers. They initially lead a harmonious life, but when Tashi fails to return from a trading trip to Lhasa, the legitimacy of Pema’s unborn child is questioned by her community. Determined to prove her love and purity, she embarks on a quest to find Tashi. Accompanied by her brother-in-law, her now de facto spouse Karma, she goes into the wilderness. Karma is a monk. After initially resisting giving up his monastic life, he gradually comes to appreciate the simple existence of a secular life. However, urgent duties call him back to the monastery and Pema is left alone. As she navigates the harsh Himalayan terrain, her quest transcends the search for her missing husband. Pema becomes increasingly immersed in a spiritual search for meaning in which every step brings her closer to self-discovery and liberation.
by Min Bahadur Bham
with Thinley Lhamo, Sonam Topden, Tenzin Dalha, Karma Wangyal Gurung, Karma Shakya, Loten Namling, Tsering Lhamo Gurung, Janga Bahadur Lama
Nepal / France / Norway / Hong Kong, China / Turkey / Taiwan / USA / Qatar 2024 Tibetan, Nepali 150’ Colour World premiere | Supported by Doha Film Institute


  • Thinley Lhamo (Pema)
  • Sonam Topden (Karma)
  • Tenzin Dalha (Tashi)
  • Karma Wangyal Gurung (Dawa)
  • Karma Shakya (Ram Sir)
  • Loten Namling (Rinpoche)
  • Tsering Lhamo Gurung (Pema’s Friend)
  • Janga Bahadur Lama (Shepherd)


Director Min Bahadur Bham
Screenplay Min Bahadur Bham, Abinash Bikram Shah
Cinematography Aziz Zhambakiyev
Editing Liao Ching Sung, Kiran Shrestha
Music Nhyoo Bajracharya
Vocals Ani Choying Drolma
Sound Design Tu Duu Chih, Tu Tse Kang
Sound Dikesh Khadgi Shahi, Samrat Khanal
Production Design Ram Lal Khadka
Costumes Dorjee Dradhul Gurung
Casting Min Bahadur Bham
Assistant Directors Tsering Choden, Kiran Shrestha, Nipil Sharma
Producer Min Bahadur Bham
Executive Producers Debaki Rai, Ching-Sung Liao, Roger Huang, Ruben Thorkildsen, Can Aygor, Salina Shakya
Associate Producers Rajesh Prasad Khatri, Jeremy Chua, Lee Chi Lin
Co-Producers Catherine Dussart, Verona Meier, Shuk Fong Chong, Zeynep Koray, Justine O., Bibhakar Sunder Shakya
Co-Production CDP Paris
Ape&Bjørn Oslo
Aaru Production Hong Kong
ZK Films Istanbul
Yi Tiao Long Hu Bao Taipeh
Bangdel & Shakya Production Virginia

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Supported by Doha Film Institute

Min Bahadur Bham

The Nepalese filmmaker studied Buddhist philosophy and political science while pursuing a doctorate in anthropology. His short film The Flute was the first Nepalese film to screen at the Venice International Film Festival. His debut feature The Black Hen won the Best Film Award in the Settimana Internazionale della Critica at Venice and was Nepal’s official entry for the Oscars. Shambala is the first Nepalese film to be selected for the Berlinale Competition.


2012 Bansulli (The Flute) 2015 Kalo Pothi (The Black Hen) 2023 Shambhala

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