Fox and Hare Save the Forest

Fuchs und Hase retten den Wald
In a large forest clearing, Beaver, a short furry animal with a big ego, inaugurates his masterpiece: a giant dam. With the help of two Rats, he blocks the flow of a river. The water level rises and in no time at all, a giant lake is formed. Beaver is very proud of himself but, to his disappointment, there is no one to admire his feat. Elsewhere in the forest, Fox and Hare have been throwing a party with their friends. After the party, Owl returns home and discovers strange streams of water flowing past his tree. He panics and flees into the forest. The following day, Fox and Hare discover that Owl is missing. They set out with their friends to find him, but instead discover the mysterious lake. Where has all the water come from? While they continue to search for Owl, the water continues to rise, threatening a flood. Their quest to save the forest will test their friendship to the limit!
by Mascha Halberstad
with Rob Rackstraw, Dan Skinner, Jamie Quinn, Teresa Galagher, Sarah Madigan
Netherlands / Belgium / Luxembourg 2024 English 71’ Colour World premiere | Animation recommendation: 5 years and up


  • Rob Rackstraw (Beaver, Rat, Tusk, Jack)
  • Dan Skinner (Fox, Rat)
  • Jamie Quinn (Owl)
  • Teresa Galagher (Hare)
  • Sarah Madigan (Pingwin, Mermaid)


Director Mascha Halberstad
Screenplay Fabie Hulsebos
Editing Mascha Halberstad, Gijs van der Lelij, Eva Krispijn, Rem Berger
Music André Dziezuk
Sound Design Jan Schermer, Gert Janssen, Jeroen Truijens
Art Director Leo de Wijs
Animation Director Jasper Kuipers
Producers Janneke Van de Kerkhof, Bruno Felix, Eric Goossens, Anton Roebben, David Mouraire, Emmanuelle Vincent, Pierre Urbain

Mascha Halberstad

Born in 1973. She directed the short animations Goodbye Mister de Vries and Munya in Me as well as on the 13-episode animation series Picknick with Cake, which won the prize of the Cinekid Kinderkast Fiction Jury, and on the 26-episode animation series Fox and Hare, which won the Cinekid Audience Award. Her first feature-length film, Oink, premiered in the 2022 Berlinale Generation, went on to screen at numerous international festivals and won three Golden Calves at the 2022 Netherlands Film Festival.


2012 Goodbye Mister de Vries; short film · Picknick with Cake; animation series, 13 episodes 2013 Munya in Me; short film 2017 The Great Hummimummi Christmas Special; short film 2018 Fox and Hare; animation series, 26 episodes 2022 Knor (Oink) 2024 Fox and Hare Save the Forest

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2024