Through the Graves the Wind Is Blowing

If there is anyone who embodies the current state of life in Croatia, it is the police detective Ivan Peric. The son of a fisherman, he became a detective as a way of avoiding working in the only really prospering industry of present-day Croatia – tourism. Now his life is consumed by trying to solve a series of essentially unsolvable murders of tourists. Because the tourists are so widely despised, no one will help Ivan. Evidence disappears into the labyrinth of bureaucracy. He is humiliated in public and online. In the local press, his boss even labels him an “uhljeb”, the Croatian slur for a “lazy bureaucratic parasite”. All of this takes place in the city of Split, where the breakup of Yugoslavia has left its mark.
by Travis Wilkerson
with Ivan Peric, Travis Wilkerson, Matilda Jane Wilkerson, Dalton Wilkerson
USA 2024 English, Croatian 84’ Colour & Black/White World premiere


  • Ivan Peric (Ivan Peric)
  • Travis Wilkerson (Travis Wilkerson)
  • Matilda Jane Wilkerson (Matilda Jane Wilkerson)
  • Dalton Wilkerson (Dalton Wilkerson)


Director Travis Wilkerson
Screenplay Travis Wilkerson, Ivan Peric
Cinematography Travis Wilkerson, Erin Wilkerson
Editing Travis Wilkerson
Music Hellish Cashstrap
Sound Design Travis Wilkerson
Sound Travis Wilkerson
Production Design Travis Wilkerson
Costumes Travis Wilkerson
Producer Travis Wilkerson
Co-Producer Ivan Peric

Produced by

Travis Wilkerson

Born in Denver, Colorado, USA in 1969, he studied film and works as a writer, director and producer. He and his wife Erin Wilkerson founded the Creative Agitation political art collective and went on to direct the film Nuclear Family which screened in the 2022 Berlinale Forum. His internationally recognised body of filmmaking, produced with modest resources and as self-sufficiently as possible, crosses the boundaries between documentary and fiction film, performance and activism. In 2015, the film magazine “Sight & Sound” named Wilkerson “the political conscience of American cinema”.

Filmography (selection)

1999 Accelerated Under-Development; documentary 2001 An Injury to One; documentary 2005 Who Killed Cock Robin? 2011 Distinguished Flying Cross; documentary 2012 Far From Afghanistan; documentary, anthology film with John Gianvito, Soon-Mi Yoo, Minda Martin, Jon Jost 2013 Los Angeles Red Squad; documentary 2015 Machine Gun or Typewriter? 2018 Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?; documentary 2022 Nuclear Family; documentary, co-director: Erin Wilkerson 2023 The Fuckee’s Hymn; documentary 2024 Through the Graves the Wind Is Blowing

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2024