Khamyazeye bozorg

The Great Yawn of History
Beitollah is a religious man who has been dreaming about a box of gold coins appearing at the end of a cave. He believes these coins are a miracle and wants to find them. But since he does not consider the coins to be halal, he wants to find a non-religious assistant to accompany him on the search. With the help of a job advertisement printed on the back of counterfeit dollar bills that Beitollah distributes on the streets of Tehran, he recruits the young Shoja and the two set off together to search for the coins. They discover several caves in the north of Iran but none is the right one. They move on to the central deserts of Iran and spend the night at a Caravanserai roadside inn. The inn’s owner suspects that the two might be looking for treasure and decides to follow them on his motorcycle…
by Aliyar Rasti
with Mohammad Aghebati, Amirhossein Hosseini, Saber Abar, Mahin Sadri, Mehrdad Ziaie, Ramin Alizadeh
Iran 2024 Farsi 93’ Colour World premiere | Debut film | Debut film


  • Mohammad Aghebati (Beitollah)
  • Amirhossein Hosseini (Shoja)
  • Saber Abar (Maalek)
  • Mahin Sadri (Rural Woman)
  • Mehrdad Ziaie (Caravanserai Owner)
  • Ramin Alizadeh (Rural Boy)


Director Aliyar Rasti
Screenplay Aliyar Rasti
Cinematography Soroush Alizadeh
Editing Mohammad Najarian
Music Ava Rasti
Sound Design Amirhossein Ghasemi
Sound Vahid Razavian
Production Design Faraz Modiri
Costumes Elham Moein
Make-Up Milad Behdad
Producer Aliyar Rasti

Aliyar Rasti

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1988, he began his career in photography, video and video installations before gradually moving towards his true passion of filmmaking. He has made more than ten music videos for independent Iranian bands which have screened at various festivals. His first short film, In Between, won the Best Debut Film award at the 2018 Tirana International Film Festival. It was followed by America, his second short. Khamyazeye bozorg is his first feature-length film.


2018 Dar beyn (In Between); Short film 2021 America; Short film 2024 Khamyazeye bozorg (The Great Yawn of History)

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